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Clinicians: Genetic testing can tell you what your patients can’t

New! Improvements to the Gene Matrix Genetic DNA Test

The Gene Matrix Psychotropic test is a pharmacogenomic assessment that examines clinically significant genetic variations that can influence how your patients metabolize and react to specific medications used in mental health treatment.

In line with our dedication to supplying healthcare professionals with valuable genetic information for better-informed treatment choices, we are pleased to announce recent enhancements to the Gene Matrix Psychotropic report. These updates now include non-smoking and smoking-related results when relevant.

This enhancement provides an even more comprehensive understanding of potential treatment outcomes for your patients with certain medications.

Learn More about Gene Matrix® Testing.

If you’re interested to learn more about the Gene Matrix test, please fill out the form below. The Gene Matrix test must be ordered by a registered clinician. If you are a patient/caregiver who would like your current clinician to be registered to administer the Gene Matrix test, please include their name and contact information.

If you are a current registered provider or tested patient, please contact us.

If you are a patient or caregiver and would like to request a copy of your results, please complete the Patient Report Request form here.

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Who Can Benefit from the Gene Matrix test?

Less than half of individuals with depression experience a positive response to their initial prescribed medication. Additionally, with each unsuccessful medication attempt, treatment intolerance tends to escalate.

It may be beneficial to consider offering the Gene Matrix test to the following groups:

  1. New patients who have previously encountered medication failures.
  2. Patients who are currently facing a lower-than-desired response to medication.
  3. Patients who are currently experiencing undesirable side effects.
  4. Elderly patients.
  5. Patients with liver damage.

By providing the Gene Matrix test to these individuals, you can potentially enhance treatment outcomes and minimize the challenges associated with medication trials.

The Gene Matrix Commitment

We understand that dealing with insurance can be complex, and we aim to provide you with transparency regarding your costs. Our commitment to you is this: if it appears that your expenses might exceed $300, we will reach out to you for a discussion before proceeding with your test.

It’s important to note that over 95% of our patients pay $0 out of pocket for our services. Your peace of mind and financial clarity are our top priorities.

Affordability for Your Mental Wellness Matters

Our aim is to ensure that the Gene Matrix test remains affordable and accessible to all patients. We understand that navigating insurance can be challenging, and we’re committed to providing you with clarity regarding your financial responsibilities.
Here’s how we handle billing for the Gene Matrix test:
Medicare (Part B) Covered Tests $0 out of pocket cost for your patient
Medicaid Typically, $0 out of pocket cost
Medicare Advantage Covered Tests Patient may be expected to cover a portion of the cost $0
Commercial or Other
Uninsured Learn more at our website or contact our customer service team at 847-302-9668
In addition to insurance coverage, we offer a payment plan and a financial assistance program to support individuals with out-of-pocket expenses. Further details about these programs can be found on our Cost page. Your mental wellness should never be hindered by financial barriers, and we’re here to help make it accessible to you.

In a post-hoc analysis of data from the GUIDED study, the Gene Matrix Genetic DNA test demonstrated significant enhancements in clinical outcomes for patients who were prescribed medications with gene-drug interactions, in comparison to those receiving standard treatment. Here are the key findings:

  • Remission: A remarkable 70% relative improvement and a substantial 7% absolute improvement in remission rates were observed.

  • Response: There was a notable 42% relative improvement and a significant 8% absolute improvement in response rates.

  • Symptom Improvement: Patients experienced a commendable 23% relative improvement and a meaningful 5% absolute improvement in symptom alleviation.

These results underscore the potential benefits of utilizing the Gene Matrix Genetic DNA test to inform treatment decisions and improve outcomes for patients taking medications with gene-drug interactions.

Step 1

Please complete our HIPAA-compliant questionnaire form to determine your eligibility for a DNA genetic test covered by insurance at no cost to you. Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us, and this form ensures that your information is handled with the highest level of confidentiality and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Step 2

Once you've been qualified, we'll promptly send out a test kit to your provided address. The package will include return shipping materials for your convenience. Additionally, you will receive a portal login, allowing you to easily track the status of your test throughout its journey. Your comfort and peace of mind throughout the process are our priorities.

Step 3

Once we receive your sample and it's processed in our lab, both you and your clinician will be granted portal access. This portal will provide you with the convenience of instant notifications when your results are ready. Our aim is to ensure a seamless and efficient experience as you access your genetic test results.

Step 4

If needed, your clinician can reach out to our Medical Affairs team for a consultation to discuss your results in more detail. Subsequently, your clinician can review and explain the results with you during your next scheduled visit. We are committed to providing the necessary support and expertise to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your genetic test results and their implications for your healthcare.

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