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The Gene Matrix Difference

Learn more about our company history and innovative methods

What we believe

At Gene Matrix, we’re driven by the desire to empower individuals to seize control of their well-being through DNA testing and genetic analysis. We recognize the incredible diversity that defines each of us, especially when it comes to our responses to prescription medications.

We’ve all grappled with the frustration of trying to identify the right medications, a process that can mean the difference between progress and a seemingly endless cycle of trial and error. Our firm conviction is that there’s a more efficient way to approach medication selection, one that is as distinctive as your genetic blueprint.

Our mission is to transform this belief into reality by harnessing the power of pharmacogenetics. Today, we are committed to making good on this promise by offering convenient, easily accessible at-home genetic testing solutions.

Let’s eliminate the uncertainties from your healthcare journey with the help of DNA testing and genetic analysis. Together, we can conquer the challenges of trial and error, ultimately achieving superior health outcomes.

Certified clinical & medical laboratories

Gene Matrix relies on our advanced CLIA-certified and COLA-accredited laboratories, ensuring that they consistently meet or surpass federal standards for precision, accuracy, and validity. Your genetic information is handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Medical & clinical grade testing

Gene Matrix incorporates the most up-to-date clinical guidance from key scientific and governing organizations including Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Our reporting software delivers high value pharmacogenetic data in an easy-to-understand report.

Best in class at-home DNA collection

At Gene Matrix, we take a unique approach to DNA collection. Instead of the typical spit tube, our kits include the industry’s highest-rated collection device. This ensures the highest quality results. Our swab is gentle, easy to use, and specially designed to collect, stabilize, and protect your DNA sample. Your DNA is safe with us.

Precision medicine clinical support

We’re here every step of the way

  • Receive a one-on-one personalized session with a clinical pharmacist who is certified in Pharmacogenomics
  • Ask questions and get in depth answers about your response to prescription medications
  • We also work with your provider to ensure they understand the results of the Gene Matrix Test
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